You must’ve heard of YouTube Money. It’s probably why you’re on this page. Each time your song is played on YouTube, Spotify, Google Play, Rhapsody, Beats, Amazon Prime and other digital music services, you are owed a separate royalty for the lyric and melody (called a “Composition”).

In some cases, this money has never been paid to you. In other cases only a portion of your money has been paid out. In addition, there is new money being generated each time your song is played. DDN gets you this money.

How It Works On YouTube

DDN gets you paid from views of videos on YouTube that are using your music (YouTube money).

It does this via its own technology and a special YouTube business contract. This contract allows us to systemically deliver information to YouTube indicating who owns the rights to your music and which recordings are recordings of your songs. We also fix bad data in the YouTube system that has the wrong entity listed as “owning” your music.

We then police your copyrights to insure the YouTube system always shows and pays you as the owner.

Finally, DDN uses its own technology and YouTube’s systems to finds videos on YouTube using your music without a license. When we find the videos, we authorize YouTube to place ads on them. With the right data in the YouTube system, you get back your portion of the advertising money.

How It Works With Other Digital Services

As the creator of the lyrics and melody of a song (the “composition”) you are owed a separate payment IN ADDITION to the money you may already be receiving.

In almost every case, every time a song that you wrote is played anywhere in the world on Spotify, Rhapsody, Beats, Mog, GooglePlay, Deezer, or any other “on-demand” service, that service owes and must pay you (not your distributor, not your label – YOU) a Mechanical Royalty.

In many cases this money is not reaching you or it may be paid to the wrong entity due to bad data or missing information.

In other cases, there are recordings of your songs that have not been mapped to your composition. This also stops you from getting paid. DDN fixes these problems and gets you paid your past and future money from:

-Interactive Streaming Services (i.e. Spotify, Rhapsody etc)
-Scan & Match locker services (i.e. iTunes Match, Google Scan & Match and Amazon Scan & Match)
-Downloads outside of the US
-Ringtones/Ringback Tones
-Digital juke boxes (i.e. TouchTunes)
-Bundle deals (i.e yonder)
…and other digital uses.

It costs nothing to hire us to work for you. DDN only gets paid an administrative fee when we find, collect and administer to you the YouTube money you are owed.

To put DDN to work for you, you only have to control the copyrights to your music.

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