DDN is also a music licensing platform for advertising, film, TV and interactive. We specialize in projects that combine music and image, so called synch licensing (music licensing). Synch licensing is a great way to receive extra income and get a promotional boost. For most projects, it doesn’t matter if you are famous or underground, as long as your track is the one that works best with the picture. 

DDN will be looking for current music needs, with your music in hand. For any given project, the deal is the same for everyone joining. You only license your music when you have a license offer on the table. Once your music is chosen, we assist you through the process of edits (if required), legal paperwork and collecting payment.

Companies’ licensing needs

We aggregate current licensing opportunities in advertising, film, TV and interactive. These companies usually need very specific music very fast. Not every artist, label or publisher can build and maintain a network to keep in touch with all the music supervisors, film producers, ad agencies and game developers. We do this every day so we can let you know if and when your music is needed out there.

Using our licensing service doesn’t block you from licensing your music somewhere else. This is especially helpful when you already have contracts with agents, labels, publishers etc who are also pitching your music. 

You keep your creative control

We believe that you should decide which projects you want to identify with and which you don’t. If you were a vegan you probably wouldn’t want to license for a meat commercial. Or you don’t agree to certain budgets or terms. That decision is yours. You don’t have to pre–clear your music and there is no “add to shopping basket” next to your music. When your music is chosen, you will get all necessary details on the project and only then you license your music. 

We assist you in the licensing process

We will assist you throughout the editing and licensing process and make sure there are simple and fair licensing contracts in place that are transferring solely the rights that are needed for the project and stated in the request. And we help you collect the money and even split the payment among rights holders if needed.

Open your repertoire to synch licensing with minimal effort

We keep you up to date with current projects via email. Thus, as an artist or label you can start your synch licensing business instantly without opening a department and hiring people for building the network and doing sales. 

If you submit tracks to our platform, tracks are automatically available for synch jobs. By making them public you make the tracks available for direct licensing by our clients that need them

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