Streamline Your Music Distribution

Are you a music label or artist and have you come here seeking a new distribution partner for digital music distribution? If so, Digital Distribution Netherlands is the worldwide leading solution for you. We specialize in the distribution of dance music, but also work with many commercial labels who release anything, from folk to rock music. Our clients include some of the largest brands in the industry and they reap the benefits from a distribution service that’s designed and tailored specifically for their individual needs. Our enthusiastic, well-trained team of account managers are constantly working with our labels to improve both our platform and the services we provide.

Whether you are a new label just getting started or a well-established outfit, Digital Distribution Netherlands has the expertise and proven track record to ensure your label receives the support, exposure, and attention it deserves.

Digital Music Distribution

We have helped secure hundreds of feature spots on some of the biggest stores and in doing so have built some excellent relationships which you will receive the benefits of. We have integrated with an extensive list of digital service providers. We work with all partners directly and have built our own in-house delivery system for digital music distribution, which ensures that there are no hidden costs in anything we do.

No Setup Fees or Hidden Charges

Here at DDN, we provide transparency with our pricing which means no setup fees or hidden costs. We pride ourselves on consistently offering the most competitive commission rates with unprecedented levels of help, advice, service, and features.

With that in mind, comparing commission rates from one service to another is not always the best way to decide who you want your distribution partner to be. We recognize that you may have specific requirements. You may want us to handle music distribution for all stores except 1 for example. We, therefore, urge you to get in touch and speak to one of our experienced label managers who will happily talk through your needs and build a tailored distribution offer for you.


We can send your royalties via PayPal or International Bank Transfer (IBAN). We pay all invoices received from our clients once per quarter.

Statements & Royalties

The stores notify us of your sales in all manner of ways. We take all of this information and provide it to you in an easy to read statement. We will send you a royalty statement at the end of every quarter for all of the royalties we have collected from the stores on your behalf. We clearly show you what we collected, what commission we have deducted and what we will be paying to you. When you receive your quarterly statement from us you can send us an invoice and inform us where we should pay your royalties to.

Launching a new Record Label

So you have taken to the decision to launch a record label? DDN has successfully walked many labels from concept through to debut release and beyond. We will provide you with the help and advice you need to ensure your label portrays the perfect image. This is needed not only to ensure stores like Beatport will accept your music, but also to enhance your labels prospects of success in what is already a very competitive market.

Ready To Sign Up?

There are a couple of things you may need to consider before you can work with DDN for digital music distribution. The first and most important is if you are tied into a contract with an existing distributor. Please check your agreement with them to ensure that moving is possible. If you are still within contract with them it’s worth asking your distributor if you can move. Many times you are let go early but there are instances when you will not be permitted to move.

By signing up with DDN your record label needs to pass a basic review by our team before we will approve your distribution account. Although this process is simple, we do require that selection of tracks from your record label is available for us to preview online. Your music should be loaded into an audio player on your Website, SoundCloud, Facebook pages or already available on a store.

How Do I Sign Up?

If you like the sound of what DDN has to offer and would like to sign up to use our Distribution service, please complete our Sign Up Form, and your registration will be sent to our team to review. You will receive an email which you must confirm in order to complete your application. When your application is processed (2 – 3 days) you will receive an email containing your contract, all information, and steps on what to do next.

If at any point you have any questions regarding your sign up then please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Are there any fees I need to pay to get setup with DDN?
To sign up with DDN there are NO setup fees at all. We will provide you with free help and advice and do not expect any payment for this until your music is selling in the stores. We only take the agreed commission rate from your sales as and when they happen.

Are there any other costs I will need to pay?
There are no additional or hidden costs that you will need to pay. We only take the agreed commission rate from your sales as set out in your DDN Distribution agreement.

What Stores & Services will my music be available for sale on?
A complete list of the stores and services that DDN is connected with can be found on our stores page at the link below. However, this does not mean that your music will be available on every store & service in the list. Many niche stores specialize in specific genres or have vetting policies so your music may not be suitable for them. DDN will endeavour to get your music on as many platforms as possible and we will provide help and advice to ensure that your label meets specific stores requirements. We are adding new stores and services every month to our network. If you feel we are missing any stores or services than please don’t hesitate to get in touch. DDN Connected Stores List

Will my releases be listed under my own label on the stores?

This depends on the deal you wear with us. As a record label, you can request this option. Name this explicitly in your application. We will do our best to tag your label as a new, approved label. Many stores, however, have the requirement that a label needs at least 10,000 associated releases to the record label. The chance that your application is approved by the stores, is therefore very small. In general, your releases are grouped under Digital Distribution Netherlands, especially as an artist without a label. However, this is not always visible (as in iTunes and Spotify) and, perhaps more importantly, your own copyright and publishers notice (P / C line) are visible. © YourLabel will show under every release, as oppose to our label name.

How long does it take to get my music available on the stores?
DDN recommends that you give several weeks lead time when submitting your Albums & Singles for distribution and start selling music online. This gives ample time for our team to request features and banners at relevant stores. It is possible for DDN to get your music online within 48 hours but not all services can ingest your music in this time frame. So in short – DDN recommends 5 weeks with the minimum being 2 weeks notice. At a push we can work with as little notice as 48 hours but it is not recommended. Note – Your first release through DDN may take longer due to the time in which it takes stores and services to review your label and add a profile to their store. It is always recommended 5 weeks for your very first release.

How quickly can I get a release to appear on stores?
DDN checks all releases that come through our system for errors and omissions. This happens daily (Mon-Fri). Once your release has been approved for distribution deliveries to stores will start immediately and are usually complete within 24 hours.

Is my contract with DDN exclusive?
DDN builds bespoke deals for each of our clients. These can be both exclusive and non-exclusive. Speak to one of our Account Managers to discuss your specific requirements and we will build a deal that suits your exact requirements.

If I work with DDN do I still own my music?
You always own your music. Your rights and the ownership of your copyright is not affected. Your contract with DDN will just give us permission to distribute and sell your music on your behalf, for the duration of the contract.

What do you need from me when issuing a release?
After you signed up, you’re free to send in as many releases as you want. What we need per release, is a .wav file in your best quality, a .jpg-cover (3000×3000 pixels) and all information you can think of about the writers, composers, and editors. Also, think of a release date you’d like to set. We will always email you when we need more information/data for a release.

Do I need to have my own ISRC and EAN / UPC numbers?
DDN will issue both ISRC and EAN / UPC barcode numbers to all of your Albums, Singles and Tracks if you do not have your own. We do this FREE of charge to you. We do however recommend that all record companies signup for a free ISRC prefix (contact Sena) and generate your own ISRC codes.

What payment methods do you have for sending royalties to labels?
DDN can pay your royalties via PayPal or International Bank Transfer after selling music online. You choose which payment method you would like us to use when you request payment for your royalties. PayPal is by far the quickest and easiest way for us to send you money but this is not available in every country. You can view a list of countries PayPal is available in here – PayPal Country List. For international customers that can’t accept PayPal payments we can send IBAN transfers FREE of charge. Please check with your bank because they may charge you to receive money from overseas, though.

Will my releases be taken offline if I transfer my distribution to DDN?
Many dance specific stores allow us to ‘takeover’ your catalogue with them. This avoids downtime and keeps your music available. Some stores prefer that we resend all of your content because they know the quality of data we send will be much better. Other stores including most commercial outlets like iTunes and Spotify require a complete redelivery. In short – Yes your music will be taken offline at some stores for a select period but DDN will make this as painless as possible.

What do I need to do to transfer my distribution to DDN?
Most importantly you must check with your previous distributor (if you have one) that transferring to another partner is permitted. If your contract with them has expired, it will not be an issue. Some distributors will let you move early even if you are still in contract so it’s always worth asking. If you are planning on moving to DDN then we recommend getting setup with us prior to your move date. We can then ensure that everything is setup and ready to go before we can go live with distribution.To action the move is very straight forward. You just need to sign up with DDN and we will handle the rest.

Are there any charges to deliver my Albums and Singles to stores?
If DDN is distributing your music we feel our commission is ample payment so we do not take any fees to deliver your content to stores and other services.

Are there any charges to takedown my releases at stores?
DDN does not charge you to takedown your music from stores. You simply email us and we will manage the takedown for you.